feelin' fresh box
feelin' fresh box

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feelin' fresh box

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feelin' fresh...
note: the contents of this box may cause an overwhelming feeling of rejuvenation, and boost confidence to unknown levels. use freely, and without caution. 

bkind sponge
natural, vegan, soap free cleanser + biodegradable. 
how to use: moisten, scrub, rinse, repeat. up to 100 uses. ($10) 

scalp massager
reduces product buildup, removes dead skin cells, reduces headaches + migraines, and stimulates blood flow. healthy scalp = healthy hair. ($15)

tinted lip balm
tinted hydrating lip balm made with natural oils + butters. treat those lips to the best everyday balm. ($18)

kill the stink, au naturel. made with natural oils. ($18) 

extreme bleach recovery hair treatment
liquid bandaid for all hair types.
how to use: wring out hair + apply 1-4 doses on mid length of hair to ends. work into light lather and rinse. ($32) 

dry brush
exfoliates the skin, boosts circulation and detoxifies the body. 
how to use: gently massage towards your heart in long and/or circular strokes to scrub off dry skin. use 1-2 times per week. ($20)