baking soda free natural deodorant- unscented

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baking soda free natural deodorant- unscented

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Unscented neutralizes unpleasant orders with magnesium and lets your body’s natural scent flourish. The Bergamot + Peppermint deodorant contains a blend of fresh and uplifting essential oils. There’s calming and comforting bergamot, detoxifying and refreshing peppermint, odor-eliminating tea tree, which naturally combats sweat, and stress-relieving spearmint.

Maybe you already have a plastic-free antiperspirant you love but want something more natural. We have you covered with this gentle and sustainable deodorant.

  • Gentle baking soda free natural deodorant range neutralizes body odor without harsh chemicals or irritating baking soda
  • Plastic-free packaging fits your zero-waste lifestyle