The Gang

Kristin / Owner + Stylist

Head stylist and hair guru. When she's not making miracles behind the chair she's either shopping or napping (can you think of anything better to do with your time?!) 


Katie / Owner + Shop

You can find this chatty Kathy evenly spacing hangers in the shop or placing shoes at just the right angle. Gets her super powers from 5 cent candies and watered-down reheated coffee. 

Tawn / Stylist

Loves top knots, dogs and a good party. Giggles when she's happy or stressed (or tired or mad or hungry or bored). She's probably called you cute. 

Lauren / Esthetician

Master facialist and salon busy bee. Think she's sweet and innocent? Think again... Addicted to shoes and water. Oh ya, and she's super accident prone. 

Emily / Junior Stylist

A small town girl with a big heart. She's quiet but she's definitely not shy! Don't leave that comb out of place, she likes things just so. 

Danielle / Esthetician

A Newfy who followed her heart to the Prairies. All about family first, adores dogs and when she's not at Fusion you can find her serving up frosty pints at OJ's. 

Jenn / Stylist

Don't let her kickass tattoos fool you, she's busy mom of 3. An artistic animal lover. Words to live by, it's never too late to follow your dreams.

Jori / Shop

She goes with the flow and her brows are on point. Grew up in the salon, following in her mama's footsteps. Helps out part-time in the shop.